Sunday, August 2, 2009


hari ni nak cite pasal hal minggu lepas

last friday i went to PC Fair..wa!!!!! so many people woo crowded..but i manage to slip in..thehe..The most stupid things i've done that day is....i wear high heels to PC Fair..o stupid la weii!!

no body wear heels to place like that lo...yo la.i'm from office ma, no extra i got leg ache all day long..pity me!! but i still manage to buy all things that i want plus...all the 'kirim-kiriman one'..

i manage to buy ' microsoft office 2007 license ori'..hahhaha..i use the pirate one before..huhuhu

also the antivirus karpersky, 1 laptop cooler, and 1 new headset...all of them in sharing basis..well!! i'm running out of budget this month!!^^;;;..tu pun still ada hati nak beli macam2..keke..

so the next day nye..i went to balik kmpg..on saturday..

planning to wake up early in the morning..but turn up to be 11am..kekeke..

with the speed on 100km/hour riding my 'ex 660 kancil' after 4 hours driving i manage to arrive my kampung at 2pm....lepak2 and then at 4pm went to my brother's house at Ipoh

need to 'hospitalized' my car at it 'stole' rm 200 to repair it..phew!!!!...

then the next 2pm when back to KL and arrive at 5.30pm...what a tiring day..

and today i'm at office typing this during my lunch hour ^^''
oh yeah! yesterday i watch 'SS501' MV second episode..wa!! i liokeee..hehe

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