Sunday, July 4, 2010

fasting. i'm fasting..well!actullay puasa ganti..ngahahah
got 6 days to replace...adess!!!
insyalllah..fighting chimei~~

Saturday, July 3, 2010

korean language class

Here goes...
today i finally enroll in korean class..yepppiiiii!!!
i always wanted to learn this..and finally i did it
luckily N wanted to join so there goes i got friends to join

the class was fun..
Park Songseonim sangat cool!!!!!!! Kelas ni dekat Ampang Area..Kim's Academy nama dia...introduce by one of my chinggu..

1st Class agak ngeri sbb tengok tulisan korea yg bebelit2 tu..adesss cane nak as a beginner of course le aktibiti mengenal huruf dulukan...exciting giler......ekeekkeke
pape pun ..aja..aja..fighting...i can do it.....gambatte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh! kelas wajib aku lak~~~~ uitm class will begin for sem 7 next week
i guess i'm gonna have a busy weekend...phew...^.*;;;
good luck to me!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


it's been 4 days since the tragedy happens..
Such a shocking news..
Park yong ha is gone forever..
siapa park yong ha ni? pada yg x kenal dia ni 2nd hero cerita 'Winter Sonata'
kenapa aku agak sedih dia mati? Hem, sbb dia ni la aku kenal korea and bercite-cite nak pegi sana...until i've been there for few times...agak nonsense tpi that's the true.

Cara dia mati agak tragis...'suicide'..kenapa la dlm byk2 cara tu jugak dia nak pilih.  Motif? still can't figure it out..It such a big lost anyway..Perhaps it how it ended and been destined...

Good Bye...